Sunday, February 18, 2018

Introducing Josie

Hey all, it's been a while since I restarted this blog, and recently I've actually started placing new posts, and now it's time to introduce our new co-writer, Josephine Day! She's a long term friend of mine, and is actually making her first steps in Second Life Blogging. She's not new to writing however, so she might write some lovely stories for you. For those who had not guessed it, Josie is on the right in the picture below, with me, Louise on the left.



Jacket: Blueberry - Lida
Pants: Blueberry - Pizza
Boots: Reign - All Star Thigh Highs
Rings: RealEvil - Luxy Rings
Necklace: Voluptas Virtualis - Sana
Hair: Truth - Farryn
Piercings: LittleFish - Various Piercings
Pose: Meli Imako - Female Fashion Poses


Jacket & Shirt: Blueberry - Asia
Pants: Addams - Ginger Boyfriend Jeans
Shoes: Gos Boutique - Bianca Pumps
Rings: Voluptas Virtualis - Lali
Collar: Codex - Perception
Hair: Dela - Leah
Piercings: Suicidal Unborn, PunchLittleFish
Pose: Meli Imako - Female Fashion Poses

Thursday, February 08, 2018



Dress: United Colors - Own Me Outfit (Collabor88 February 2018)
Shoes: N-core - Paula (Fetish Fair 2018)
Catsuit: Maison de la Marquise - MdlM clear latex catsuit
Rings: RealEvil - Luxy Rings
Hair: Foxy - Whip
Piercings: LittleFish - Various Piercings
Pose & Crop: Foxcity - Dominance

Wednesday, February 07, 2018



Dress: Giz Seorn - Bowie Dress (@Cosmopolitan)
Boots: Utopia - Kaliska (@Cosmopolitan)
Rings: RealEvil - Luxy Rings
Hair: Truth - Apple
Glasses: [69] - Lea Glasses
Piercings: LittleFish - Various Piercings
Pose: Meli Imako - SS Female Pose 9

Gizza Clearance Sale

Hi all, time for a new update from Louise. I've been shopping quite a bit in the past few weeks, but still working on putting the outfits together.

This week, and until the 22nd of October there is a Clearance sale at Gizza, the Final Gizza before it becomes Giz Seorn sale. I've bought a number of outfits from there, of which I display two in the picture here.

*Credits will be added


Go Eagles!


Top: Vale Koer - Crophoodie
Pants: Vale Koer - Hikedup Sweatpants
Shoes: Vale Koer - V3 Trainers
Rings and gloves: RealEvil - Deah glove & rings
Hair: Truth - Apple
Glasses: [69] - Lea Glasses
Piercings: LittleFish - Various Piercings
Pose: Meli Imako - SS Female Pose 9

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Louise Valois: Introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Louise Valois. A French sounding name, although I am not French myself. I will continue the work started by Adanaya, as she has resigned from SecondLife. I have been inworld little over a month now, and am looking forward to sharing my fashion discoveries with you.

Hair: LeLutka - Canto
Glasses: [69] - Butterfly KinkyGlasses
Choker: Codex - Osyris
Necklace: Codex - Prentyss
Shirt: Addams - Kristie
Gloves: RealEvil - Deah
Pose: NanikA - Natali

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Objects of Love.

Today I am going to write a little bit about Objets D'Amour, the new Gacha event from the creators of Romp. Some of the best designers in SL, have come together to put up a collection of Gacha machines with some amazing items, some of which I have procured myself as well.

I have gone and bought items from 4 Gacha machines only, but there is a lot more for people to find. There are vendors from Artisan Fantasy, Atooly, Exposeur, oOo Studio, Stockholm & Lima, and many more.

In the picture I am wearing outfits from Cerberus Xing, as well as showing the complete set from Artisan Fantasy, which is the cabinet on the right, and its contents.

A lot of the items I got double will be for sale in my MarketPlace store Fashion & Footwear, amongst which quite some RARE items as well! Please take a look if you're interested in these items!


Adanaya Left:

Piercing 1: :HV: - Beast [Gold]
Piercing 2: Diamante - Lust Facial Piercing
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears version 4
Bra: CerberusXing - Gunslinger Black (RARE) (Objets D'Amour)
Panties: CerberusXing - Leather Undergarments Black (Objets D'Amour)
Cornrows: booN - cornrows hairbase red
Bun: booN - UDE609 hair red
Pose: Diesel Works - Lola

Adanaya Right:

Piercing 1: :HV: - Beast [Gold]
Piercing 2: Diamante - Lust Facial Piercing
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears version 4
Bra: CerberusXing - Blindsided (RARE) - White (Objets D'Amour)
Panties: CerberusXing - Leather Undergarments White (Objets D'Amour)
Hair: Magika - Love Song
Pose: Diesel Works - Lola


Dresser on the left: The Hive - Guilty Pleasures Sideboard Black/Dirty
Cabinet on the right: Artisan Fantasy - Capturado Cabinet RARE